2015 | Documentary | 86′ |  Mein Freund Rockefeller (2015) on IMDb

My Friend Rockefeller

„My Friend Rockefeller“ is a film about trust, illusions and a deadly secret. Christian Gerhartsreiter, known as “Clark Rockefeller”, lived a life of deception; the FBI called it „the longest-running con in FBI history.“ Having been married to a top banker for 13 years, his game ended when his wife divorced him and won custody over their daughter. When Clark abducted his child, the search exposed not only a web of lies and multiple identities but a double murder committed decades earlier. How was Gerhartsreiter able to dupe so many people – from the cream of society? We collected the reflections of those close to him, his friends left in the wake of his journey: from a Bavarian village to the most exclusive clubs on the American East Coast – to the grand finale in a Los Angeles court. Here a jury recently found him guilty of murder, he was sentenced to 27 years in prison. We interviewed him exclusively together with best-selling author Walter Kirn.