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Michel Petrucciani

He knew his life was going to be short, that´s why he lived with double the energy.

Michel Petrucciani. His music was a timeless magic, it seemed to come straight from his soul. All those who had the fortune to meet him still rave about his insatiable hunger for life. He was a man full of surprises, not only because of his physical appearance, but especially because of his outstanding musical talent. He had the ability to effortlessly travel through the history of jazz on his piano, wowing his audience in the process. He sold more records than many of his idols and played in the biggest concert halls of the world. Born with a brittle bone disease which resulted in a stature of less than a meter tall, he became an internationally known jazz artist. He played his first concert when he was 13 years old, and would go on to play with most of the world´s best jazz musicians. In “Michel Petrucciani: A life against time” we meet people who supported him throughout his life – including his family, Charles Lloyd, Aldo Romano and Roger Willemsen. They narrate the remarkable story of a man who was driven by an insatiable hunger for life and tried everything it had to offer: travelling, women, drugs and his art. A natural talent who overcame his disability and became a true music giant.

Bettina Offermann | distribution@looks.film

Executive Producers
Serge Lalou | Les Films d’ici
Gunnar Dedio | LOOKSfilm
Andrea Stucovitz | PMI

A co-production with
Bruce Marks | Liaison Films
Roger Willemsen | Noa Noa Film
Arte France Cinema

Author & Director
Michael Radford

Creative Producer
Martina Haubrich

Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg