2007 | Docuseries | 4 x 43′ |  Damals nach dem Krieg (2008) on IMDb

Life With the Enemy

This four-part documentary series tells the story of the years 1945 – 1949.

Four 43 minute episodes document the first three years following the second world war, from the ambiguous situation directly after the war up until the impending division of Germany. Both German and Allies tell of their experiences. May 1945 in Germany. The war is over. The people breathe a sigh of relief. The bombs have finally ceased to fall. The victorious forces occupy the country – and with this occupation begins the first contact with the Germans. The years of propaganda become evident in the relationships between the former enemies. There is distrust, fear and violence on both sides. Chaos reigns and the occupying powers burden the task of bringing some order to the country. Germany is destroyed, industry has been annihilated, resources are lacking. However, with improvisation and ingenuity people manage to survive in this hard time. The black market is booming. While on the one hand rebuilding begins, machinery and raw materials are being dismantled and exported away from Germany as war reparations. The Germans must be punished for the crimes of the Nazi era – that is the firm belief of the victors. The main perpetrators are convicted at the Nuremberg trials – others find themselves in work camps, under house arrest or must be brought before tribunals; but many succeed to escape their punishment. The war has left many without a home. The displaced wander about. Children visit their parents. People discover themselves again. Love gives a new feeling of security. Three years after the war, people begin to forget.

Bettina Offermann | distribution@looks.film

Executive Producers
Gunnar Dedio

A co-production by

Karsten Laske

Steffen Schneider, Mathias Haentjes

Creative Producer
Ulrike Biehounek