2004 | Docuseries | 10 x 52′ |  Damals in der DDR (2004) on IMDb

Life Behind The Wall

Ten-part documentary explores the life behind the Iron Curtain.

The defunct German Democratic Republic has experienced a resurrection in the popular media. “East” shows present their stars in the FDJ-shirt, the Wolfgang Becker comedy “Good Bye, Lenin” was a huge success in the cinema. The focus of such productions is always on the everday life and experiences of people in the former workers and peasant state. In some cases, the cheerful memories and droll anecdotes have been nostalgically tinged – with kitsch and clichés instead of knowledge and truth. LIFE BEHIND THE WALL uses exactly this approach. The series attempts to show the history of the GDR in its broader relationships. The focus is on the lives and experiences of people who knew the GDR from different perspectives. The television series is dedicated to the view from below, dives into everyday life and examines biographies candidly and objectively. LIFE BEHIND THE WALL presents pictures of the GDR that transcend the well-known propaganda images. Amateur movies, photographs and documents show a different, more private image of the short-lived country. BROTHERLY LOVE (approximately 1949-1960) LIFE BEHIND THE WALL (approximately 1961 to 1969) ECONOMIC MIRACLE (approximately 1970 to 1983) A UNIFIED STATE (approximately 1980 to 1989) Awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize.

Bettina Offermann | distribution@looks.film

Executive Producer
Gunnar Dedio

A co-production by

Karsten Laske

Sven Ihden, Roland May, Reinhard Joksch, Ute Gebhardt, Burkhard Kunst, Steffen Schneider, Britt Beyer, Susanne Binninger