2010 | Docuseries | 6×45′, 2×52′ | 4×52′ SD |  Damals nach der DDR (2010) on IMDb

Life After The Wall

What happens to a state and its citizens, when it is being dissolved? The process of German re-unification is unique in world history. It has had and continues to have political, military and economic consequences inside and outside of Germany’s borders.

“Life after the Wall” takes an intriguing view from ‘below’. Balanced dramatic story-telling includes personal statements of different witnesses, combined with exclusive archive footage and high-quality reanactments of authentic stories and provides the viewer with a taste or first-hand impression of how no less than 17 million people life their lives in an environment that changes dramatically.

Executive Producer
Gunnar Dedio

A co-production by
LOOKSfilm, MDR, RBB, France5, DW

Mira Thiel, Jan Peter

Jan Peter, Yury Winterberg, Ariane Riecker, Ulrike Biehounek, Mira Thiel

Wiebke Possehl, Katrin Feldmann