2010 | Documentary | 30′ |  NaturNah (2008) on IMDb

Poisonous beauties in the Baltic Sea

Some of us may have a painful memory of them, some simply disgust them whereas others are fascinated by their looks and moves: jellyfish.

In this film, we follow jellyfish researchers during their work, accompany them on excursions and in their laboratories, discover kinds of jellyfish native in the Baltic Sea and others that were brought here from elsewhere. Thereby we learn to understand their life and their role in and importance for the eco system Baltic Sea. Biologist Sabine Holst focusses on stinging jellyfish. According to latest research results, stinging jellyfish were brought into the Baltic Sea from the North Sea. If one knows how to handle them, they are not at all dangerous. Expert Thomas Förster takes us on an expedition to the Baltic Sea and grants us exclusive access to unique images of jellyfish of different kinds and in different stages of life. Biologist Sandra Kube works mostly with the common jellyfish (also called moon jellyfish) which is native in the Baltic Sea, and with ctenophora brought here from elsewhere. Sandra raises them in the laboratory, examines their life cycle and nutrition. What she finds most fascinating with jellyfish is their simplicity and their unequaled beauty floating through the waters.

Bettina Offermann | distribution@looks.film

Executive Producer
Gunnar Dedio

A co-production by

Florian Dedio

Creative Producer
Marco Voss