2021 | Documentary | 12 x 10’ 

Animals Shaping the World

In this new series of nature documentaries, you will meet and discover 12 animals from around the world – from the little ant to the giant whale. How does the animal affect its environment? And how is it being affected by changes to that environment?

Close imagery guides you through the natural habitat of each species. Imaginative animation help you understand its unique role in this special ecosystem and food chain, and what consequences changes to that ecosystem may have.

ANIMALS SHAPING THE WORLD targets kids and families, in particular 9- to 13-year-olds. The series aims to arouse curiosity in and provide knowledge of the nature surrounding us. By raising timely issues of its diverse interrelationships, young viewers can be motivated to help protect nature and the environment.


THE RAVEN – one of our smartest birds
ANTS – masters of teamwork
THE WHALE – can affect climate change
THE VISENT – disappeared from many places. What if it came back?
THE RACCOON – an invasive species
THE FROG – in the middle of the food chain
POLLINATORS – real superheroes
COD – more than good food
THE WOLF – a herd animal
THE BEAVER – builder of landscapes
THE ELEPHANT – creator of the savannah
THE MAMMOTH – gone forever?

Bettina Offermann
Christine Baron

Executive Producer
Leif Mohlin
Helene Mohlin

Pernilla Olsson